Colour floor plan

The aqua top shades of the walls look beautiful with the timber surfacing’s sand shades. While the furniture’s soft green and grey hues create a calm atmosphere in the other areas, the light green tile in the bathroom makes a soothing spa-like atmosphere. With the Colour floor plan, the kitchen’s decor is influenced by nature due to its white cabinetry and gray-green marble countertops. This surface ideas style has a natural, seaside vacation feel complemented by the texture and warm tones of the patio stone outside. This excellent, modern-looking surface idea design, which features black and beige, is especially well-suited to showcasing modern furnishings or architecture. The black wall surfaces contrast the natural wood surfacing and draw attention to the room’s arrangement. Space-opening white walls are contrasted with modern black cabinets and countertops to give the room a high-end appearance. Black and white interior design is timeless and complements a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary to farmhouse.

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